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This website has been established to improve communications between the Princeton Place Four owners and your Board of Directors. It provides a convenient way of viewing the inter working's of the Board of Directors by providing timely and direct access to the Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and the monthly Financial Reports. Some of the information is only available on the Owners page which requires a password to access. It is hoped that this website will develop a greater sense of community among our owners.

There are several new and novel features of our website. One is an Owner's Bulletin Board which allows an owner to post information on such items as Units for Rent or Sale, items for sale and Recommendations of contractors or vendors with whom they have had a favorable experience. Some restriction will apply to such postings. We have also included new E- Forms that allow an owner to report -Maintenance Problems; Suggestions for Improvements and Requests for the Delivery of Mail from the Board of Directors or the Property Management Company by e-mail rather than by post.

 Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated by your Board of Directors

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